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Banh Mi
Banh Mi - Traditional crispy baguette filled with pâté, mayonnaise, cucumber, pickled carrot & daikon, coriander and a choice of protein.
Vermicelli Noodles
Vermicelli Noodles served with lettuce, cucumber, fresh carrot, pickled carrot & daikon, coriander & crispy shallot
Salad - mesclun, cucumber, carrot, capsicum & crispy shallot
Rice Bowl
Jasmine rice with cucumber, green salads, pickled carrot & daikon, coriander
Authentic Pho - Noodle Soup
Authentic Pho Noodle Soup: Vietnamese noodle soup with bean sprout, brown onion, spring onion and coriander. Choice of Beef or Chicken
Mushroom Noodle Soup
Mushroom Noodle Soup: Beautiful Vegan broth with rice noodles, mushroom, carrots, bean sprout, brown onion, spring onion and coriander
Chicken Curry
Slow cooked chicken in home-made curry sauce with potatoes, carrots & onion. Served with jasmin rice
Traditional Beef Stew
Slow cooked beef in red wine sauce, onions & carrot. Served with jasmine rice


Rice Paper Roll
Rice Paper Roll - Fresh rice paper roll with vermicelli noodles, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, coriander and a selection of protein
Spring Rolls
Deep fried spring rolls served with pickled carrot & daikon and sweet chilli sauce
Bun - Soft bun filled with, green salad, cucumber, pickled carrot & daikon with a selection of protein
Crispy Chicken Snack
Deep fried crispy chicken served with pickled carrot & daikon and sweet chilli sauce
Crispy Prawns
Deep fried crispy prawns served with pickled carrot & daikon and sweet chilli sauce

Drinks & Smoothies

Vietnamese Iced Coffee
Authentic Vietnamese Iced Coffee, served with condensed milk
Delicious and healthy smoothie with a choice of various flavour  
Iced Chocolate
Regular size
Selection of tea and herbal tea
Coca Cola Bottle
Coca Cola No Sugar Bottle
L&P Bottle
Ginger Beer
Most Organic Juice
Most Organic Juice 330 ml - Choice of Apple & Feijoa, Apple & Peach or Apple Orange & Mango
Kiwi Blue Sparkling Water
Pump Still Water Bottle
Fuze Tea Peach