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Vietnamese Street Food

Have you ever heard about Vietnamese street food?

It is undeniably a big part of Vietnamese culture and there’s no singular place offering the best street food in Vietnam. Instead, you can experience it everywhere across the country: From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, the streets are alive with the smells and sizzling sounds of locals cooking delicious dishes right by the roadside.

Additionally, a country filled with so much regional diversity provides a great diversity in cuisine and dishes, sometime sweet, sometime spicy, these dishes are always healthy, well balanced and craveable.

Vietnamese Street Food in Ho Chi Minh City

Only fresh ingredients, packed with flavours


100% cooked in house by our team

Served Quick

Our Vietnamese take on fast food restaurant


We highlight the best of Vietnamese cuisine

Eat mi

Our take on Vietnamese Street Food

At Eat mi, we proudly highlight the typical street eats like Gỏi cuốn (Rice paper rolls), Bún (Vermicelli noodle salads), Cơm (Rice dishes), Pho (Beef nooddle soup) and of course the world well known Banh mi (Vietnamese baguette).

Based on the French traditional baguette, Vietnamese people have added their own touch by mixing rice flour to wheat flour, so it is light and crispy in texture. Packed with rich pâté, pickles, fresh chilli, aromatic coriander and choice of meats, you get the best sandwich ever!

We also offer wide ranges of dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options to cater for everyone’s diet!

Our Goal

Fast Food, Fresh, Tasty & Authentic

When you think of fast food, the word ‘fresh’ isn’t exactly the first word to come to mind. Eat mi was born to bring in the concept of fresh fast food by offering fresh, delicious and authentic flavours with a quick and friendly service.

Our front of house team is always welcoming customers with a big smile and is committed to delivering the best customer experience.

Our chefs, passionate about Vietnamese food, enjoy preparing every day and from scratch the most delicious dishes to ensure we offer a great authentic experience.

We carefully choose the best fresh vegetables and herbs grown locally in New Zealand to make sure our customers always get  healthy and nutritious food at Eat mi.

Come and visit us today to discover our fresh and authentic take on Vietnamese street food !